Hello, I’m Phil. I’ve Been trading the forex For Over five Years now.

Hi, my name is Phil Timmermans. I live in Auckland, New Zealand and i am a proud family man. Business wise i like to try different things and i have been learning the art of trading the forex for roughly about five years now. I have learnt many different strategies both fundamental and technical. Throughout that time i have had two main mentors. My first mentor was a Mr Steve Gregor who was very technical, but also strong on mindset which is crucial in forex trading. Steve made trading fun. I learnt many things including Fibonacci, Harmonic Patterns, Pitchforks and lots more. Sadly he passed away this year. My second mentor is a Mr Ken Baggett who runs Simple Trading Solutions. I have been under Kens tutorship for the last two years as he has grown his company from the ground up. He caters for many different types of traders weather it be intraday, swing, positional, fundamental, technical beginner or advanced and as his company name suggests they keep their strategies simple.

My mission….. my Vision

At Simple Trading Solutions Review my mission is to empower and educate my readers, to help them develop optimal strategies, and offer the best possibilities of success in the forex trading realm. I believe that knowledge is power, and that transparency breeds trust. My vision is to make trading accessible to all by giving people the opportunity to connect to a group that can offer ongoing support & educational resources. As such, i firmly believe that by providing the best tools, latest news, and comprehensive research, that this will enable my readers to make informed decisions on their forex trading journey. I look forward to being a part of your growth as traders and my promise is to keep you updated with the most reliable information possible.

I believe learning forex trading is a journey…….. and an opportunity for financial freedom.


Learn everything you need to know about forex trading from support and resistance to fundamentals and beyond……


Find a forex strategy that suits you. Learn how you can become a funded trader by¬† people who are already funded……


Get access to many user friendly forex tools and mt4 templates to help you get set up very quickly……


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