Welcome to my blog, simple trading solutions review. My name is Phil Timmermans and i am excited to be talking about simple trading solutions today. I have been with them for over two years now and can honestly say they have enhanced my trading skills enormously. Ken Baggett is the owner of simple trading solutions. Ken started in 2013 just selling custom indicators. In 2017 he decided to expand into forex education. Ken began to do live webinars and took in all the feedback from his students so that he could give them exactly what they wanted and needed.

Over the last few years, you would not believe the progress that simple trading solutions have made! They have created the best program out there with live mentor-ship, 1-on-1 interaction and custom-built indicators. Not because of their professional experience, but instead by listening to what their students are experiencing each day. They have plenty to offer through their simple trading solutions mentor-ship, and at a surprisingly low cost. They provide:

  • Live mentor-ship.
  • Multiple live workshops per week.
  • A large handful of custom-built indicators.
  • A whole support team you can contact at anytime.

Main Features

When you join the mentor-ship program of simple trading solutions you will log into their membership website. From here, you will access their entire trading course and join their private Discord group. You can also download all the available custom indicators. (each one is excellent in their own unique way) I will cover each of them in separate posts. There is also a downloads section where you can grab some really handy MT4 tools to help keep your charts clean and easy to read.

Once you have completed the trading course you will be able to join the Discord group. The Discord group is where all the action happens. This is where all the live webinars are announced (2-3 per week). It’s where you can follow whichever trading styles you wish to pursue. There are chat and signal rooms for intraday, swing,or positional trading as well as Gold, Indices (Cyrpto), and Reversal trading. There is discussion groups for each type of trading group where you can discuss your thoughts and get one on one help from experienced traders.

The discord group will also send phone alerts for currently six different custom forex indicators from simple trading solutions. This includes as well as weekly intraday levels to watch that are hand-picked from Ken himself. There are also hand- picked weekly swing trading manual levels from Alex, one of their original members, to have secured funding from FTMO. The price of the main mentor-ship is $97 per month.

Extra Services

Simple trading solutions do have a couple of extra optional custom forex indicators that have fees on top of the main mentor-ship. The first one is called The Trade Confirmed Indicator and comes with a $25 monthly fee. The Trade Confirmed Indicator is only available as an optional add on once you join the mentor-ship program.

The second is the V1.2 MITB (Money In The Bank) Indicator which comes with an advanced training course. This indicator and training has a one time fee of $150. It is important to note that you get the V1.2 MITB indicator and training as part of the main STS mentor-ship at no extra cost. Simple Trading Solutions decided to make it available for those that only want the indicator rather than a full mentor-ship.

Simple Trading Solutions have also started a stand alone program called CAP. It caters for people who just want signals rather than education. The CAP program is a signals service run by two of Kens educators, who have been funded by FTMO for over a year now. They will nurse you through every step of the trade, from entry to take profit. They have an 80% winning rate and it’s possible to get funded yourself using this service. This service costs $199 per month.

Simple Trading Solutions Review Image with MITB Link
For more information about the MITB indicator just click the drawing above

Conclusions Of Our Simple Trading Solutions Review

I have had other excellent mentors, but they just can’t compete with the value you get at Simple Trading Solutions. There are also some large companies out there that offer Forex Training and strategies. Unfortunately they are at least twice as expensive and filled with affiliate marketers which lessens the value you receive.

Ken Baggett is a highly motivated and driven individual. He has taken Simple Trading Solutions from the ground up to where it is today. Ken has placed a team of highly motivated and experienced traders around him. He has given them the freedom to become mentors in their own way and they are stepping up.

The company has grown steadily from 2017 and currently has over 5K members in the membership. Ken is always listening to his membership and spends time on Discord so anyone can chat to him. He listens to feedback and looks for new ways to improve his services. This is a company that will be around for a long time and will continue to add value to its membership service. Here, based on Kens advice, you will be able to formulate your own trading plan and a strategy that suits you. You will learn how to meet monthly goals by trading less. Your results will become consistent. For me, i know that this was my last stop in my search for successful trading. It can be your last stop too.

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For more information on the STS Mentor-ship just click on the image above